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I am Jared Preslar and I began tattooing professionally in 1997, I hungered to be a tattoo artist from the age of 12. Art was always my passion, I loved to draw from a young age and later began to oil paint. I immediately fell in love with this medium and it has influenced my tattooing greatly. I have Jeff Gogue to thank for his time and sharing of knowledge, technique and experience, I may have never picked up an oil brush had it not been for him. Some of the artists whom have influenced my tattooing over the years have been Filip Leu, Guy Aitchison, Horiyoshi III, Shige, and Jeff Gogue to name a few. I have spent quite a few years traveling around the world, meeting and tattooing some very amazing people that of which I’m grateful for, I am however settling down from travel and am really focusing on refining/redesigning my art at this point. I am constantly focused on growing as an artist and as a person although I have a long way to go I have very high aspirations.

Christina Walker has been tattooing professionally since 2007. Currently she is focusing on larger scale pieces heavy with ornate detail, linework, geometric and mandala style features and only custom artwork.

Pineapple is originally from California and Has been Tattooing since 2000. He likes tattooing American Traditional, Black and Grey, and line work tattoos. Also likes skulls and roses.

Hi! I’m Leah. I started my apprenticeship with Jared Preslar at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo in 2011. I have been tattooing since the beginning of 2019. Art, drawing, painting and creating have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I am happy to be on this journey of forever learning and growing.

Hi, I’m Rob

I’m very happy to have found a spot at a rad shop in the same county I grew up in. Tattooing is truly a passion of mine and I am always looking to push myself and expand my capabilities.

Hi my name is Tawni and I’m excited to be part of the Lucky Bamboo crew! I’ve been tattooing since 2015 and have come to love vivid nature and floral work. I hope to one day specialize in large color floral pieces and space/galaxy work. I love all things deep ocean and extraterrestrial and would enjoy doing more pieces like that but am also happy doing fine line, lots of flowers, and even spooky tattoos! I can’t wait to design your next piece with you and make some beautiful art together!

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