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Great Communication Leads to a Great Tattoo

Knowing what you want in a tattoo can be the simplest or even sometimes the most difficult part of the entire process. Searching for inspiration can be endless. We see so many beautiful tattoos on so many beautiful people. Now we can see that their tattoo turned out wonderfully. We like the placement, we like the design, we like how it works with their body. It seems like a safe bet to request that an artist just copy it right onto them. No changes, nothing special or unique. This thought process is flawed, not to mention it can lead some to be too apprehensive to seek out a custom shop for custom art.  And there are plenty of “Copy Artists” out there. Willing to take somebody’s work and capitalize on it. 

What Lucky Bamboo Tattoo offers is custom art, made specifically for you using your desires and requests, and putting all of that into a new piece. Now you don’t have to be fully fluent in tattoo lingo to have good communication. A great place to start is saying what you mean, and not saying what you think someone wants to hear. If you don’t want to give the artist full artistic freedom, it would be best to NOT agree to it beforehand. Some individuals take the time to research artists, know the kind of tattoos they do, prior to arranging a tattoo with them. They know they want to stick to a particular theme; they know how much skin they would like to cover, and whether they want color or black and grey. They leave the rest to the artist. When a client behaves in this way, they afford the opportunity to be absolutely blown away! For those who have booked their appointments far in advance, they have time to grow in excitement and anticipation. 

But those who feel they cannot give up control may turn that anticipation into anxiety. Now controlling general anxiety is a whole other conversation. But putting your mind at ease when it comes to a tattoo from Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, that I can do. Our artists genuinely care about each of our clients. They commit and set aside time for each and every tattoo and create a piece that you will undoubtedly be proud to wear.

  Now we also have the option to book a consultation. This way you can sit down with an artist and discuss the tattoo one-on-one. The artists are taking extensive notes and engaging in conversation with you to ensure the both of you are on the same page. Even booking after having a consultation still requires a bit of trust in the artist. But by allowing yourself to let go of worry and control, embracing trust and creativity, you are allowing yourself a very special experience. The excitement of seeing the completed work by any of our artists, is always rewarding for everyone involved. 


Simple Ways to Maximize Your Tattoo Appointment

Here are a few simple ways to maximize your tattoo appointment. The first, show up a little early. An extra five to ten minutes will allow you to complete your consent to tattoo paperwork with a moment to rest and mentally prepare for your appointment. Mental preparation not only benefits you but also your artist. The beginning of pain management starts at the mental level. If you are expecting a tattoo to hurt, you are setting yourself up for flinching and tensing.  Say you’re very excited, almost anxious, when you finally have a seat in the tattooing chair, you may unknowingly fidget causing your artist to have to start and stop. Maybe you don’t realize you’re fidgeting but you are moving to grab your phone, to take pictures, or to text. These pauses, although brief, add up over time. Let’s say, you just realized, you’ve got to head to the bathroom and it can’t wait, you are more than welcome to visit the restroom, but maybe taking care of that ahead of time would be the better option. Another thing to consider is the time spent, taking smoke breaks. These add up. Now all of these suggestions seem quite simple. But if we all work together we can provide the best experience not only for you but for your artist as well.



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