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Why You Don’t See Your Tattoo Design Ahead

In a custom tattoo shop, the artists design their clients a unique custom tattoo. This means that your tattoo is yours alone, and no one else has the same design. It also means that  our artists don’t have flash sheets, or ready-prepared imagery for clients to pick off a wall or a book. Usually clients will bring our artists an idea and sometimes references, and our artists use that as an inspiration to create an entirely unique design for the client in the artist’s personal style.

We understand that you want to be involved in every step of the process in designing your tattoo, and that you may want to see a full drawing or sketch before your appointment time and day for approval. By sitting down with an artist and going over all of the details of the tattoo and ideas, you put forth the trust in your artist and allow them  that they will create a one of a kind piece that you will be proud to show off.

All of our tattoo artists have appointments scheduled out, and they tattoo every day. In order to have a drawing/design ready for each client they tattoo, most often than not the drawing is done the night or a few days before the scheduled appointment. They just don’t have enough time in their schedule to “pre-draw” the design/sketch for every client to approve. We will NEVER send a drawing or sketch through phone, email or allow a physical copy to leave the shop. No images can be taken of the drawing unless it is tattooed on you. No exceptions will be made. Most custom shops and artists show you the design the day of your tattoo so you don’t take their artwork and get it done elsewhere.

Generally our artists draw designs for their clients’ tattoos only a couple of days before the appointment, that’s because they have appointments every day, and all the drawings are done in their own personal time. So generally, your design is not available to be seen ahead of your appointment. We also have a shop policy that tattoo designs don’t leave the shop. Our artists generally don’t email designs to their clients or allow potential clients to bring custom designs home for contemplation. That is because clients will sometimes take custom designs done by one tattoo artist and bring them to another in the hopes of having the same piece done at a lower price point which is disrespectful to the artist, and the time and effort they put into the preparation of the design.

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