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Why You Should Choose Lucky Bamboo Tattoo In 2023


When you choose a studio, check out the artists work, like in this picture of art done by Christina.
art by Christina Walker

So, why choose Lucky Bamboo Tattoo? When you are looking around at your local tattoo studios, you may find you have many choices (not all good). What are some of the things you should consider when choosing a tattoo studio? We’ll lay out some important factors, and why Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is the right studio for you.

  • Reputation. When looking for a tattoo studio to choose, it’s a good idea to learn the reputation each studio has. Look at both long-term reputation and short-term . What are people saying in the reviews, how many reviews and look at the both the negative and positive. LBT has a great reputation with nearly all of the negative feedback from a circumstance that was due to the client’s own fault or false reviews from people that have never gotten work in our studio. The vast majority of clients are very pleased with their experience, with a large percentage of repeat clients.
  • Longevity. How long has the studio you’re looking at been in business? Lucky Bamboo Tattoo has been in business for over 16 years at the time of this article. It’s a great sign when a tattoo studio has been around that long.
  • Artist Loyalty. When you have a studio that has artists that have been around for 10+ years, like Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, that means the artists are happy and that they have consistent bookings. When the studio has constantly changing artists, that could reflect an internal problem with that shop. Some artists are nomadic and like to move around, which is normal, but if you have a constant change to nearly your whole staff of artists, that’s the red flag.
  • Cleanliness. Some tattoo studios take cleanliness more seriously than others. There are the bare-bones basic standards, and then there is Lucky Bamboo Tattoo. Our artists take the cleanliness and sanitation standards above and beyond what is required by the Health Department.
  • Confidence to offer tours. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo offers a free tour of the studio at any time during business hours. We are 100% confident in the cleanliness and appearance at any point and welcome anyone to come ask for a tour.
  • Gear/Equipment. The quality of materials a studio uses can vary greatly. There are tattoo machines that range anywhere from $40-$1000+. This standard goes for needles, inks, etc. In order to cut corners and maximize profits, some studios/artists choose to use cheaper equipment and materials. Not at LBT. All of our artists choose to use top quality everything. The best machines. The best needles. The best inks. Always. A typical set up for one of our artists costs approximately $60. This is actually one of the reasons why free touch-ups at a reputable tattoo shop are not a real thing. The expense to the artist would start to become too great.
  • Privacy. Some studios are just an open space that resembles a re-worked barber shop with the chairs side by side without any privacy. At LBT, each artist has their own private room with a closable door, if that is needed or requested.
  • Certification. Every artist at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is CPR, First Aid and Blood-borne pathogen certified, and they get re-certified yearly or every 2 years depending on requirements.
  • Security. Some tattoo studios loosely keep their client records in open filing cabinets (if you’re lucky) or in some random database on a computer. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo uses software designed for clients and encrypted for privacy. Any files on paper are kept in a locked cabinet or shredded depending on need. The studio owner is very keen on keeping people’s information private and keeps complicated password systems to insure that any infiltration into our system would be very difficult to decipher.
  • Diversity. When looking at tattoo shops, sometimes you’ll come across some that specialize in just flash, for example. All the artists at LBT are capable and comfortable doing many different styles of tattoo. Of course, most are better at one particular style than the rest, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good at doing other styles. Someone that’s excellent at floral work is just as capable of doing other things. It only means that they prefer or enjoy doing a particular style over others.
  • Education & Training. There is no rule saying that a person who applies tattoos has to have an art background nor has to have had an apprenticeship. At Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, all the artists have an artist background and have gone through an apprenticeship.
  • Custom Art. Quite a few tattoo studios only employ “tracers”, or people that only copy someone else’s existing artwork. Basically giving you a tattoo that a ton of other people already have. At Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, you are receiving custom art designed just for you. They’ll only copy something if you adamantly require something to be exact.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when you choose a tattoo studio for you. Hopefully we have illustrated the reason why Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is the right place for you! So, choose wisely!

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