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What is a Tattoo Deposit and Why a Deposit is Required

It shouldn’t come as any surprise when you are ready to schedule your tattoo appointment that you will be required to place a deposit. A deposit is a way to financially ensure that you are committing to your appointment. Without some sort of monetary protection the tattoo artist and the shop would be losing significant amounts of money due to cancellations without any repercussions. Deposits allow a tattoo studio to run more efficiently even when there are unforeseen cancellations or reschedules. 
Different tattoo shops can have different polices in place when scheduling an appointment. Most places require a deposit of some form when scheduling. Lucky Bamboo requires a deposit in the amount of the first or longest appointment at the time of scheduling. This may seem daunting when you are scheduling a full day of tattooing but overall the amount you are putting down initially may not even cover the full amount of time and effort that was put into preparing your tattoo.
Something to remember is that tattoo artists are not paid hourly or based on a salary. They get paid when they tattoo. When you schedule your tattoo, the tattoo artist is expecting you to show up. If you don’t, for whatever reason, they may not get paid if they cannot fill your allotted time with another client. This is the reason for the deposit. You are paying for an artists time and effort to tattoo you. 
The deposit for a tattoo is no different than putting a deposit down for work done around your house, buying a car, or making a doctors appointment. You are putting money down for a service. It may seem different because a tattoo is not a necessary or required service but it is a service nonetheless. You wouldn’t want to go into work and not get paid for the work you do and the same goes for a tattoo artist. 
When planning your tattoo be prepared to pay for your artists time and work. If you have concerns before scheduling be sure to ask and have a clear understanding of what the deposit policy is before you schedule your tattoo. 


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