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Who Should Consider A Follow-Up and Why


For color depth and saturation, a follow-up would be recommended for this back piece done by Jared.
art by Jared Preslar

Many people have asked why they are scheduled for a follow-up. The simple answer is: after one gets a tattoo the body is weeping lymph and plasma in attempt to form a scab, through this weeping ink is pushed out as well. This can cause tattoos to heal lighter than intended and or not as saturated. The degree to which this happens varies person to person, and the other aspect is after care, the persons health, sleep habits and daily routine also comes into play.

Either way, every tattoo can always be made better with a followup to add the final touches and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted like contrast for example.

It is a very interesting multifaceted topic but either way , a tattoo always is better with a followup!

So, who should consider getting a follow-up on their tattoo? Everyone. Even the simplest tattoos, like minimalist or something tiny may need a little sprucing up. Does that mean you have to get another session? Of course not. If you are completely happy with how your tattoo came out, then by all means, you may not need one.

You can also get a followup when getting another tattoo. Most true tattoo artists are perfectionists when pertaining to their art, which is not a bad thing. They want your tattoo to come out the best possible way, just as much as you do, actually. They take real personal pride in their craft and when you are out there showing off your tattoo, you are showing off their art.

With that said, even if you are completely happy with how your tattoo came out, but your artist recommends a follow-up, at least hear them out on why. It’s in your best interest, and has zero to do with the artist trying to get more money.

Good artists are booked many months in advance, sometimes even a year or more out. It’s not the money, it’s the art. Actually, quite often it’s the quick “one and done” tattoo artists that could care less on seeing you ever again. If they can have a rotating door of simple 1 hour tattoos that they don’t have to put any thought in, the better for them.

Trust the artist that wants to spend a little time doing your tattoo correctly, and wants to keep working with you.

Getting a follow-up tattoo is for your benefit. They’re good for most people to consider. Even if you weren’t in need of a follow-up, consider one down the road to keep your tattoo looking fresh, bright and bold.

To Keep This Rose This Beautiful, A Touch Up Down The Road Is Recommended

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