White Ink Tattoos

 White ink tattoos have started to become more popular in the last little while. The are seen as subtle and delicate. One of the reasons people want them is because they are easy to hide and are seen as a little bit more unique due to them being more uncommon than a traditional color or black and grey tattoo. While white ink tattoos seem a popular choice there are some things that you need to consider with getting a white ink tattoo.

The first thing to consider with white ink is that this color is mainly used to bring dimension and highlight other colors. It has a great opacity, which helps it easily blend with other colors. But on its own a full tattoo of white ink is hard to achieve. Some tattoo artists might add a bit of other colors to give the ink more pigmentation. This could mean that your tattoo won’t be fully white. And even if it is fully white ink it might not look that way on your skin based on your skin tone and the way that your body heals. 

Which leads to the next point is that fully white tattoos don’t last as long as other colors of ink. White ink tattoos fade quickly. They can fade to your natural skin tone or turn into a light grey or yellow (depending on the brand of white ink, so make sure your artist is experienced in this). After time your tattoo might end up just looking like a scar. Now if this is a look that you are wanting to achieve then white ink is the way to go. But if you are expecting a bright white tattoo for years to come you will end up disappointed. It is very difficult to re-establish white ink during a touch up and you may not be able to keep your tattoo looking as it did when it was first done. 

Keep in mind that most pictures that you will see online of white ink tattoos are usually brand new tattoos that were photographed the day they were done and that could be very misleading in what your expectations are down the road. If you do choose to continue and get a white ink tattoo consider a few key points. First the tone of your skin, depending on how light or dark your skin tone is, it is going to affect how much white will show. Next is size, if you go too small it can look muddy and more like a defect than a tattoo. Clean, clear lines are the best option so that the design that you pick is visible. And finally taking care of your tattoo long term. White ink tattoos are more fragile in comparison to more traditional tattoos. You will want to practice good care to ensure that your tattoo will last as long as possible. 

After considering all the points, it an all white tattoo something you would consider?

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