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What it Means to Work at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo

Working at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is such a rewarding experience. The front staff manages all bookings for the artists and has the opportunity to build meaningful connections with both clients and artists. We are the first point of contact and assist each and every tattoo booking. A client calls or submits an inquiry online, and we get to talk about their tattoo inspirations. We get stories about past loved ones, celebrating milestones, overcoming adversaries, and everything in between. The best part is, you hear all the details on the front end, and get to be amazed alongside the client seeing the tattoo come to life.

By taking on the responsibility of handling all of the bookings, we allow the artists to focus on their work, free of distraction, or starting and stopping interrupting the appointment time of our valued clients. We play a vital role as the front staff and together we take care of those around us.

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