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What Advice Should You Take Seriously?


 What Advice Should You Take Seriously?

Whether you are thinking about getting a tattoo or just recently received a tattoo, there are always individuals who offer their advice. I’m sure these individuals are only trying to help, but what do you do if you receive contradictory advise? I would say default to the advice given from your tattoo artist. They have your best interest at heart and want to encourage you to take care of your tattoo as it is their artwork after all.


What if you haven’t even got your tattoo, but are seeking advice about size and placement? If you have talked to several tattoo artists who have all given the same recommendation, it would be wise to follow their guidance. What you shouldn’t do is disregard their suggestion and seek out an artist that will just do it anyway. This will lead to a tattoo that doesn’t quite keep its quality as the years go by. Talking with professionals and reading about tattoo aging will help you on this topic.

Another common occurrence is seeking an artist that will duplicate someone else’s artwork. This can seem like a victimless crime to some but is taken very serious in the tattoo community. If an artist tells you that they would prefer to create a new tattoo using the images as reference, you ought to allow them the freedom to create. And if an artist has zero issues in copying, then they may not have the same pride in their work as other artists. You owe it to yourself to get a tattoo that is a collaboration of your inspirations and their skill set.

Now, not all advice is great advice. In fact, some terrible information is being passed along under the guise of being helpful. These typically come from a friend or family member. Although they may have tattoos themselves, it is preferable to talk with a professional. The top “bad advice” that comes to mind is the use of petroleum-based products. No! This is in fact terrible advice. Awful. Just because it has been used for many many years, in a multitude of settings, does not mean that it is helpful or healthy. There has been a lot of research done and superior products have been developed. If you visit a tattoo shop and they not only recommend their salve but actively use it during your tattoo, it is worth looking into. The natural medicinal properties it provides makes petroleum look like toxic sludge. Honestly, that’s a pretty accurate description.

 The topic of tattoos always seems to open the door for unsolicited advice.  Ignore those that ask, “Will you still like this when you’re fifty”. The answer is probably yes. The image that you are creating for yourself, the catharsis, the goal of feeling more “You” is something that doesn’t have to be explained to others. So, tread lightly through the vast sea of information. And know when to spot fallacies, when to seek a second option, and when to follow advice. This will lead you to a happy and healthy life with beautiful art adorning your human form.


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