WARNING: Bad Aftercare Products

More and more products have been released marketing toward tattoo aftercare. Be especially careful when trying some of these products, as they are not formulated for tattoos and are often filled with petroleum and other toxic fillers and fragrances. I would suggest asking the recommendation of your tattoo artist. Typically tattoo artists know what heals their tattoo well. Not every tattoo is equal, so your artist’s recommendation is the best advice. Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, we high recommend Outlaw Organics. The owner, Jared Preslar, has spent many years developing this product. It is meant for use during your tattoo as well as aftercare. It has been formulated to promote healing, lessen inflammation, and offer healthy and effective moisture. It is USDA certified organic and available at the shop as well as online.

Follow this LINK to purchase online.

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