Valentine’s Day Tattoos

Valentine’s day is a day people associate with love… and getting your significant other’s name etched onto your body forever. But before you tempt the Gods of mayhem, stop and think for a second. Even though you may think your love will last as long as your tattoo does, no one can predict the future. Yes, if something does happen, you always have the option for covering it, or trying to remove it. And even though you may no longer see it if you cover it, you still know that someone’s name was once there. And with removing it, there is still the possibilty of a scar, and removing it may not always make it disappear completely. So before you decide to be a hopeless romantic, and put someone’s name on you for the rest of your life, consider your options. Buy them some flowers, chocolates, etc. Or still get a tattoo, but one that could have multiple meanings besides just your undying love for your significant other. Ink responsibly love birds!

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