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Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say to Your Tattoo Artist

There are many things you probably shouldn’t say or ask of your tattoo artist. Either they’ve heard it all before or it’s generally viewed as rude. Remember, your artist wants the absolute best outcome for you and your tattoo.

Here’s some of the things you may want to avoid saying or asking:

  • “Can you go any faster?” – If you want a crappy tattoo, maybe.
  • “If I don’t like it, can I get a refund?” – No, sorry. You pre-approved the art before they started.
  • “I’ve only had a few drinks before I came in.” – Well, I guess you’re not getting your tattoo then.
  • “I let my dog sleep with me!” – Well, that’s very unsanitary for a healing tattoo.
  • “How much for a tattoo?” – Details, please?
  • “Can you do a sleeve today?” – Not bloody likely.
  • “Will you come to my house and tattoo me?” – If I wanted to commit a crime, sure!
  • “Can my children sit with me while I get tattooed?” – Unless you’re speaking about adult children, no.
  • “Where can my dog wait while I’m getting my tattoo?” – At home.
  • “Can you just design if for me, and I can take the art home?” – No, because you are taking the design to another studio.
  • “Can I pay later or in installments?” – That’s how a credit card works, so yes (if you have a credit card)!
  • “Can I trade you (item) for a tattoo?” – Sorry, but (item) will not pay the bills or feed my family.
  • “Do I get free touchups for life?” – Sorry, but no. That would become expensive for the artist, not only due to the materials used, but for the loss of time they’d have booking and tattooing new clients. Especially when we know tattoos fade.
  • “Will you tattoo (insert offensive design) on me?” – Though your views are yours, which is fine, most artists will try and avoid attaching their work to something overtly controversial.
  • “Want to smoke a blunt with me before we start?” – Only very unprofessional artists would work under the influence of anything.
  • “Why does it hurt?” – Because tattoos generally hurt.

This is just a sampling, but there are many other things that would be questionable to ask or say to your tattoo artist. If you have to question it in your own head before saying it, it probably falls into this category.

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