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Therapeutic Effects of Getting a Tattoo

There are many reasons why someone would get a tattoo. Some of us strive to simply fill space, and some are collectors of art etc.. Some of us have gone through a very significant event and want something to represent those sweet memories. And some of us, have deeper maybe even painful reasons for getting a tattoo. We can all agree, we leave the shop feeling brand new. Why is it that tattoos are so therapeutic? There are a few reasons.

 The first being that they hurt. We know this, and still, we show up full of excitable energy. It takes strength and will to sit still and wait until it is over. When the machine stops, the pain stops. That is enough to celebrate. We realize we are more resilient to pain that we may have thought. Also, there is a physiological reason we jump for joy when our session is done. Our brains release endorphins, our natural pain reliever and that “feel good” chemical we all chase.

We may be hesitant to sign up for pain. But for those that are hurting with very significant emotional trauma, a tattoo may be more therapeutic than once realized. While getting your tattoo, the pain may bring buried traumatic feelings to the surface allowing them to finally be released. This could happen immediately and even extend into the coming weeks. With every glimpse of our new body art, with every compliment we receive, we remember that we are one tough cookie.

Sometimes it takes a tattoo to grant us a new beginning or even closure from a time we would like to forget. For those who have struggled with self-harm, there tends to be permanent reminders of one’s suffering. Tattooing is a great way to rid yourself of those marks. Some choose to embrace them and turn them into rainbow tiger stripes. Some choose to cover over them completely with a large, beautiful, and empowering piece.

Each person has their own way of healing. Some of us choose a small amount of discomfort to reach a deeper catharsis. When glancing at your tattoos, I hope it brings you joy and helps you reach a place of peace.

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