The Return Of Vitalii (…soon)

The talented and beloved tattoo artist from across the sea is coming back soon to Lucky Bamboo Tattoo. A definitive date has not be set just yet, but it’s very soon. That’s not the best part. He plans on becoming a permanent artist here in our studio!

Imagine, no more fighting (at least not immediately) for a coveted spot to work with Vitalii. During his short visits, time was very much snatched up as soon as we announced his return. Well, now, you will soon be able to book with him just like with any of our other artists. He’ll be available for consults as well, once he’s settled in.

So, get those Norse and viking tattoo locations planned! He draws the design directly on your skin without a stencil, and then tattoos what he drew. This will give you a completely unique work of art!

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