The Purpose of a Consultation


There is always a bit of a process when booking a tattoo. Being that tattoos are permanent, a good line of communication is very important. Especially when you are booking with an in-demanded artist and book out several weeks or even months. With larger pieces, cover-ups, or highly complicated pieces, a consultation may be requested by your artist.

This time is spent focusing on your tattoo, the things you want, and the things you want to avoid. There are some misconceptions regarding how this time is spent. The artist will not draw you up several ideas to have you choose. But rather, they will make sure you and your artist are on the same page creatively.

Consultations cannot take place over video chat or telephone calls. Part of the information your artist is gathering is a good understanding of the canvas. They will oftentimes, take measurements and photos. By doing this, they can design your tattoo using your body for proportion and layout.

You should NOT have a friend or loved one come in your place to discuss your tattoo. As much as they may know and love you, what you are committing to is not something for someone else to decide.

You are welcome to bring a guest with you. But it is not appropriate for your friend to take over your time as their own. Each consultation is 30 minutes which is sufficient time to discuss your tattoo. A lot of our clients end up booking their consultations well in advance, so they know how valuable the artist’s time is. We would be happy to book them for their very own consultation.

And finally, please do not bring your children to your consultation. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is an adult facility. Those who are permitted to enter must be 18 years of age or older.

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