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The Life Of A Quality Tattoo Artist 2023

A Tattoo Artists Life At A Glance

When people imagine what life might be like as a tattoo artist, they may have images of wild nights and partying 24/7. You may be surprised to learn that life for an artist is quite a bit different than you expect. Do some artists party constantly? Yes, and this problem with a small segment, which may include drug and alcohol abuse issues, is frowned upon by the majority of respectable tattoo artists. They take their craft very seriously and it’s an intricate part that’s woven into the very fabric of their lives, and it shouldn’t be marred by the behaviors of the very few.

So, what is life like for a tattoo artist? Like previously mentioned, their craft is a huge part of their daily living. They work hard and spend many hours, inside and outside the studio, working on their art. It’s who they are as a person.


Christina Preparing A Stencil

When the artists get into the studio, they spend some time preparing for their client to arrive. This entails finalizing any details with the art, preparing stencils, ensuring the work area for the tattoo is clean, sanitized and ready. They get all their equipment set up, including covering their machine, choosing the needles and inks to be used and prepping them. They also make sure any other supplies are prepared and ready so that they can minimize any possibility of interrupting the tattoo session, which includes getting sterile water, mixing Green soap and having plenty of gloves and disposable towels.

Being prepared is very important!


Whether before the studio opens, in between clients or at home, you can often find a tattoo artist drawing. Sometimes they are drawing for an upcoming piece they will be working on, or they may be creating some new art to have something already prepared to show clients, and possibly get them booked for that piece. Artists spend a good deal of their free time at home drawing and creating new pieces.


Part of a tattoo artists life is spent tattooing as seen in this picture with Leah.
Leah On A Final Session For Her Client

A good portion of an artists time, of course, is spent tattooing. Sometimes it’s an hour session, sometimes it’s 7 hours straight. It takes a great deal of physical and mental stamina to be able to sit for many hours at a time, concentrating on keeping your hand steady and your mind focused. A lot of people don’t realize the amount discipline it takes to be a competent and dedicated tattoo artist.

When an artist gets some notoriety, sometimes this will allow an artist to travel outside their studio and do guest appearances. This may take place in another studio or maybe even at a tattoo convention. This gives a little variety in their daily life and gives them a chance at exposure to a whole new client base, either in the USA or abroad.


When not working on their art in one fashion or another, the artists get some occasional time off. Although they do spend a large percentage of their personal time drawing and thinking up new art, they also make sure to take some time out so that they don’t miss out on the important things in life. To some, that means family. When a tattoo artist is good at what they do, they can make a pretty decent living. That doesn’t mean they live a lavish lifestyle in the slightest. It just allows them to provide for their families and take a nice vacation now and then.

Tattoo artists do live interesting lives, but not due to lifestyle, but rather because they live and breathe their art. Otherwise, they are just hard working people, doing what they love to support themselves and the ones they love.

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