The Future of Tattooing 2023

Ink on shelf

The future of the tattooing industry looks bright, indeed. Not only is it a business that will always be a local experience, but it’s growing. The economy often fluctuates, but seemingly, the tattoo industry usually isn’t effected in either direction. On top of the stability, the tattoo business is coming up with new innovations, inventions and techniques all the time.

Tattoo machines have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, and they just keep getting better. From being able to adjust the speed digitally, to the needle depth, comfort of the grip, size and power, these newer machines are far superior to the ones of the past.

Safer regulated inks are another great step forward. A good quality ink can help avoid healing complications, they have bolder and brighter colors, and they don’t fade nearly as fast as older inks did. A good, quality ink is essential to having a great tattoo that will last.

Earth friendly and biodegradable products are also making their way into the tattoo world. Something as simple as disposable paper towels, all the way to the needles. Artists are starting to use these items in an environmentally responsible manner.

Design software specifically created for tattoo artists are opening a palette of options for artists that they didn’t have before. On many designs, an artist can quickly alter a planned stencil in the software on the fly, where as before, it was far more difficult, if not impossible, to try and make changes to the art they were about to start tattooing on a client. This makes things easier for the artist, and can give them confidence they can provide the art the recipient was expecting.

Aftercare products have made great strides, and new stuff is coming out all the time. Even though some artists still use gauze or plastic wrap (I have no idea why, other than that it’s cheaper for the artist), most are starting to use a ‘second skin’ application, that applies over the tattoo to help with the healing, but it also moves just like skin, aiding in comfort.

Robotics in tattooing? It’s being discussed! Getting a tattoo from R2-D2 may sound fun and interesting, and yes, it would probably be flawless, but that’s the problem. There is no human element. It’s the same reason you go see a live concert over just listening to the produced song. Sure, the produced song is great, but it’s just not the same experience as a live performance. This would be the same in the tattoo world.

This is a sampling of some of the newer innovations, and a peek at what will continue to be improved upon in the near future. Surely we can expect great things in the future of tattooing!

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