The Beauty of Dark Art Tattoos

Beautifully morbid, scary, dreary, whatever you may call them…Dark Art tattoos are some of the more striking tattoos around. Flowers and kittens have their rightful and well deserved place, but for a lot of us, we go Dark Art all the way. The beauty of darkness wins us over every time.

There is a certain unique beautiful quality to the dark side of artistic creations. Edgar Allen Poe, Joel Peter Witkin, The Brothers Quay, Edward Gorey, Robert Smith, Stanley Kubrick, Trent Reznor, Tim Burton…..just a very small list of names that have created some amazing works of art through film, music, literature and photography. There are some just as renown tattoo artists that specialize in Dark Art imagery in the tattoo industry. People come from all around the world to get work done by these artists. Our very own Jared Preslar is one of those artists. It is not uncommon for most, if not all of these artists to be booked out quite a ways.

The depth, contrast and pure shuddering nature of Dark Art tattoos are wonderful to behold. It’s hard to deny, even to those that aren’t too fond of the style.

Dark Art isn’t limited to the morbid or scary. We’ve seen some beautiful Dark Art floral pieces, portraits, tribute/memento, even cartoons. Whatever tattoo you are interested in getting, but want a Dark Art spin to it, a truly talented artist can make that happen, especially if the artist is passionate about this style.

So, if you haven’t gotten this type of tattoo yet, but are intrigued, give the Dark Side a chance.

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