The 2024 Books Are Open!

A fresh tattoo to go into 2024 by Christina!
Nurse Tattoo by Christina


Now that we’ve ventured into 2024, muscled through the holiday seasons, spent many hours with friends and family over the last couple of months, it’s time to do something for YOU! You’ve definitely earned it, after all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to a fresh tattoo!

As we move forward into 2024, all artists at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo have their books open and are ready to take on new clients! Whether you’ve been tattooed here before, are coming from a different shop, or are completely new to the wonderful world of tattoos, we are ready for you and look forward to creating a bunch of new beautiful works of art for anyone that’s ready.

2024 looks like a very strong year for Lucky Bamboo Tattoo as we begin with 6 great artists, all ready to tackle what’s next. Even with a regular client base, every single artist here is ready to take on new customers, hopefully creating a bonding, working relationship for years to come! Our clients are some of the best and we look forward to each and every one of them.

If you are looking to get large or small pieces, ultra-realism, photo-realistic, portraits, Norse pieces, dark art, black & grey, heavy shaded…Jared is your guy. Jared has studied for many years and has a professional art background on top of his tattooing experience. Jared is the creator and owner of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo.

If you are looking for larger pieces, dark art, mandalas, ornate…Christina would be a great choice! Next to Jared, Christina has been a staple at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo the longest. She loves doing larger complex pieces and really excels at mandala and ornate tattoos.

Coming out a California, another mainstay of Lucky Bamboo is Pineapple. With a great personality and a guy with great stories to share while tattooing, Pineapple really enjoys doing all sorts of tattoo styles, but he really likes doing traditional style pieces probably the most.

As Jareds former apprentice, Leah is a friendly and fun gal that is amazing at doing colorful and fun pieces. There’s no better choice in the studio for watercolor pieces. Leah isn’t limited to fun and colorful, she certainly is capable of doing much darker pieces and is really good at realism. She can do very tiny pieces to extremely large pieces. Her skill, taught by Jared, is apparent.

If you are looking for nature themed tattoos, geometric, larger pieces, sports themed…Rob would be a great choice! Rob has done just about every design type and style out there with few exceptions. He enjoys tackling new projects and has a definite enthusiasm for the tattoos he designs for his clients.

Although skilled and capable of many other designs and styles, if you are looking for unique Nordic pieces, particularly large pieces, Vitalii is great! His work in Europe is well known, he has worked on members of famous bands and TV shows and his work is well respected. Vitalii is the newest member of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo and is excited to start building his loyal client base going into 2024.

As you can see, between all of our artists collectively, there is no style or design they can’t do. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo prides itself on the collective work that’s been done in the studio over these last 16+ years and looks forward to getting new clients and meeting new people to create some new art that will live on for many years to come. 2024 is a great year for a new tattoo!


If you’re ready to get your next tattoo done, schedule an appointment with an award-winning tattoo parlor. Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, we have some of the best and most experienced tattoo artists in Utah and the Salt Lake City area. We can tattoo any style you’d like, and our artists can even design your next piece as well.

Come see why we have been voted “The Best Tattoo Studio In Utah” for several years in a row.

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo understands that tattoo collectors searching for the best tattoo shop in Utah comes with a big responsibility and we here at LBT are ready to fulfill your tattoo needs.

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