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Tattoo Investment 101 – Quality Vs Quantity


The quality of this tattoo by Jared shows that quality vs quantity may be more important.
A Quality Piece by Jared

The eternal question, quality vs quantity.

What’s more important, the quality of your tattoo(s) or the quantity? Some people are covered head to toe in $50 tattoos, while someone else might have one sleeve that cost thousands. Which is better?

Although cheaper tattoos can have their charm, and you certainly can get more done for your money, they’re often cookie-cutter tattoos that a million other people already have. They usually fade much quicker due to cheap inks and poor tattooing methods, and they’re simply unimpressive and dull.

Would you rather have a bunch of average looking, ‘meh’ tattoos, or an impressive and unique tattoo? There are a million similar flash tattoos out there or the more recent ‘typical’ tattoo, the 90’s style so-called ‘tribal’. We see quite a few people looking for cover-ups for such tattoos. A good cover-up will actually cost you more than if you got a quality tattoo in the first place.

On the subject of quantity, people sometimes get the urge to just go get a tattoo at that very moment. Often, a higher end studio won’t have much, if any, walk in availability. This will lead people to just go anywhere that can take them. This is a mistake. Not only is a rushed tattoo usually done poorly, but you didn’t have much time to think about it and plan your tattoo. It’s better to suppress those instant gratification urges and plan out with an artist a better piece that you will ultimately be happier with.

You could show off that tattoo that everyone has already seen on a bunch of other people, or you can show off a piece designed just for you.

A Quality Tattoo Doesn’t Have to Be Huge

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