Tattoos and Your Profession

Many people these days are getting tattoos to honor their profession. Whether you’re a doctor or a cashier at a store, people like to have pride in what they do, and some take it to the next level.

Perhaps you are someone in the market for a tattoo like this, but just can’t come up with an idea that stands out. Hopefully, we can help you out with that! Here are some ideas you can think about regarding your profession tattoo!


  • A Heart, perhaps with an EKG reading going through it.
  • The Caduceus, which is the staff, topped with wings and wrapped with snakes. You could get so many different variations of this design, it’s crazy.
  • A Red Cross, again, quite a few possibilities with this relatively simple design.
  • A Stethoscope.
  • If you want to specialize, a nurse could get a retro nurse’s hat somewhere, anesthesiologist could get a syringe, pills for a pharmacist, a pediatrician could get a teddybear and so on.


  • A ledger.
  • $$$ signs.
  • Old timey stock ticker.
  • Your companey’s stock trading name.
  • A fountain pen or quill.


  • A book.
  • A literary quote.
  • An apple.
  • Supplies like ruler, pencil, eraser, etc.
  • Graduation cap.
  • Diploma
  • Also something can be specialized…a preschool teacher could get letter blocks, biology teacher could get lab vials, math teacher could get the Pi symbol, etc.


  • Actor – Comedy/Tragedy masks, Shakespeare quote, a simple rose, Oscar statue (if you’re ambitious).
  • Musician – The instrument you play, music notes, a line of musical notes to a piece of music, your band name/logo.
  • Film Crew – Movie reel can, film, movie slate or “clapper”, start and end dates of a production.
  • Dancer – Ballerina shoes, music note, small flower.
  • Singer – Microphone, lyrics, music note.


  • Your company logo.
  • A fun example of what you sell.
  • Car Dealer – A brand logo, image of your favorite vehicle, “Coffee’s for Closers” quote.


  • Server – An actual image of their favorite food.
  • Baker – A cake, pastry, bagel, whisk.
  • Chef – A chef’s knife, utensils, their favorite dish.
  • Fisherman – A fish, fishing rod, lures, nets, a boat, a sea scenery.
  • Lobsterman/Clammer – A lobster, clam, traps, boat, waders.


  • DOS.
  • The Apple computer logo.
  • A Mouse, could be a play on words with the animal mixed with the computer mouse.
  • “Matrix” lines.


  • Badge number/Badge.
  • Precinct emblem/shield.
  • Motto.
  • A gun/cuffs.
  • Flashlight.


  • Machinery you operate.
  • Tools.
  • Famous building.
  • Building under construction.
  • The words “Under Construction”.


  • Your brand logo, or your favorite brand logo (i.e. Louis Vuitton, Coach, Tom Ford, etc).
  • Fineline/delicate design.
  • Floral piece in watercolor design.


  • A Tree or Forest/Mountain scene.
  • Acorn.
  • Forest animal such as wolf, bear, deer, elk, etc.
  • Smokey the Bear.


  • “Lady Justice” statue.
  • Scale.
  • Gavel.
  • Law School crest.

Obviously, this is just a sampling of the industries and what tattoos are possible. We hope that we’ve given some of you some ideas and inspiration!

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