Tattoos: A Right Of Passage

One of Jareds lion tattoos
Lion Tattoo by Jared


Many cultures in the world have used tattoos, body modification, and scarification as a means for a right of passage. Both males and females had their different rituals. There were multiple reasons for these to occur. Often, a right of passage was a coming of age, such as becoming a man or for a woman, being able to have children. Enduring the pain meant you were ready for your new role in your society.

Other former rights of passage, in all forms of body modification, was in regards to battle or a hunt. Being victorious in battle could earn you certain marks. The more you were successful, the more marks you got. It was to show your peers and enemies you were fierce and someone to respect. To bring down a dangerous or large animal also earned you different marks, showing your prowess as a hunter.

Some cultures that exist today still practice these forms of body modification, and can be found on nearly every continent. It’s most commonly seen in African tribal cultures, but it’s just as prevalent in many other parts of the world. Traditional rights of passage have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

In today’s society, most of the advanced cultures don’t generally view tattoos as a right of passage. This is particularly true if someone uses numbing agents or get put under anesthesia (yes, it happens) to get their tattoos. They are missing out on part of the experience, and they’re looking for the payoff without the price. The pain involved with getting a tattoo is part of what makes it a right of passage.


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