Tattoo Tips For First-Timers

How to prepare for your tattoo? Here are a few pointers for first timers.

  • Eat before you come. You body will most likely kick in a bit of adrenaline at the very start of getting your tattoo, which will burn up some sugar in the blood stream. A quick drop in blood sugar could cause light-headedness. So, it’s a good idea to have something in your stomach.
  • Bring a snack! If you are going to be sitting for a bit, having a snack nearby can be nice.
  • Bring something to drink! Mainly for refreshment, but it’s also just good to stay hydrated. Your skin is healthier when your body is hydrated. Hydrate days before and after!
  • Moisturize! Healthy skin makes for a good pallet for the artist to work with.
  • Charge your phone. If you are not a particularly chatty person and would rather browse the internet while getting your tattoo, have a fully charged phone to stay entertained.
  • KEEP THE KIDS AT HOME! Think of a tattoo studio like a bar. Kids not only distract you, but also the artists. 
  • Trust your artist! Your artist is a professional who’s trained and practiced their craft for years and gone through an apprenticeship. Trust that they will create fantastic art for you. Allow them to be creative. I promise, they will do their best work if unfettered. Don’t worry if you don’t see the art they create until the day of the tattoo. It will look fantastic. Real artists take pride in their work, and they aren’t going to make something subpar. They do their best when they are excited for the piece they are working on. They want to show off their creation, AND you will have something 100% unique. Allow the artist to be an artist!

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