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You’ve decided you are going to get a tattoo. Understanding the size of the tattoo is key to getting the tattoo that you want. Using words like small, medium, and large are very vague because not all people see those as the same size measurements as you might see them. Using the term “palm sized” is also very vague. While your palm may be 4 inches, another person’s could be 6 inches. You need to consider your tattoo in inches. This is how most shops base part of the pricing around. Knowing the size can also impact your tattoo in other ways.

Sizing of your tattoo can impact the design. Smaller tattoos are harder to put a lot of detail into and have that detail stay crisp and clean as your skin ages. Smaller tattoos with lots of details can end up over time looking muddy. The larger you go in terms of size, the more detail you will be able to put into the tattoo.

Size of the tattoo also impacts price. Smaller tattoos are going to be shorter appointments, compared to a larger design that might take multiple sessions. Most shops have a minimum price point and that even if your tattoo won’t take that long you will still be paying that minimum. If you want to stay in a price point, understand that the size of you tattoo will impact that.

The size of your tattoo can also affect placement. Smaller tattoos can be placed most anywhere you want them to be. They can be easily hidden or placed somewhere fully visible. Larger tattoos are obviously going to be taking up more space and that might be something you want to consider if you want it to be seen or hidden away.

The most important thing when it comes to getting a tattoo is finding an artist that you can trust. Trust them to guide you on sizing your tattoo.  Talk to you artist and listen if they tell you the design might not work with the size you have in mind. They want you to get the best tattoo possible and that might mean going a little larger or simplifying if you want to keep it small. Once you have figured it all out then you can be sure you are getting a tattoo you will love.


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