Tattoo Shop Etiquette

While thousands of people get one every single day, not many realize there is an unwritten code in tattoo studios. By following some of the tattoo etiquette tips you will be able to enjoy your tattoo experience as much as possible, while keeping yourself and your artist happy. If you are accessing the tattoo studio for the first time or looking for inspiration and advice, it is still a good idea to have a rough concept or idea of the tattoo you want, where you want it, size, and the style of the design. The more specific you can be, the easier your artist can understand what you are expecting and the quicker the design can be drawn up

Now let’s go over a few etiquette components to keep in mind.  Don’t ask for their inspirations and professional advice and completely ignore it. An artist tends not to like it when the customer fails to trust their professional views. Don’t get offended if your artist requests that you change certain aspects of your desired tattoo idea. Most experienced artists can make good judgment as to whether a certain idea/design will or will not work when transformed into ink on the body. Do ensure you’re nice and clean before entering the studio. Not only will your skin be easier to tattoo if it’s free from oils and dirt, but your artist will also appreciate that you smell at least a little nicer. Don’t get a tattoo if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Not only will it be an unpleasant experience for the tattooist having to deal with the behavior of this individual, but you are much more likely to bleed heavily, which in return will affect the result of the tattoo. Not to mention, your own judgment will be clouded. Do tip your tattoo artist if you feel inclined to do so. They earn commission from the tattoos they create on you and by tipping, you are showing your appreciation for the customer service you have received.

While many points are pretty obvious, tattoo etiquette traditions are broken each and every day. An initiative and some common sense can contribute to making your whole tattoo experience a pleasant one. Tattooing culture may seem ‘rock-and-roll’ from the outside, but on the inside of it is a team of amazing and highly-experienced artists who take pride in their artwork and working environment. Once you understand the basics of good tattoo etiquette, you should have absolutely no problem each time you decide to get some new ink done.

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