Tattoo Round-Up: 2022

2022 was another year of people getting new and exciting tattoos. There seem to be a few trends that appeared this past year in the world of tattooing. 

One the trends that has been around for a few years and still going strong is fine line, delicate, minimalistic tattoos. These tattoos are usually just an outline or include some very delicate shading and detail work. These tattoos became popular due to the simple, linear designs and more intricate detail. They can make a statement without being big, bold, and in your face. 

Another trend this year has been spiritual based tattoos. Think of mandalas, lotus designs, Om, and more. These designs are associated with healing, balance, growth, rebirth, positivity, and optimistic thinking. More and more people have gravitated towards these tattoos over the past couple of years. This trend has stayed steady in 2022. 

There has also been an uptick of geometric designs getting tattooed this past year. The precise lines, shapes, and angles have been a popular choice for many and it’s not hard to see why. They are a striking design that can hold a deeper meaning, or just be a bold statement. 

On that same note, tribal tattoos have seen a bit of a comeback. Instead of extremely heavy thick lines, tribal has taken on a more modern approach and has become more popular than previous years. 

A new trend that has also been making waves for a few years is patchwork tattoos. This style is a collection of random tattoos that don’t necessarily relate to each other, but placed in a way to create a type of sleeve. Hence the name patchwork. What lends to the popularity is that you can really do whatever type of design or style and still create a full sleeve of art.  

Encompassing all styles and designs, some of the most searched tattoos for the year of 2022 are: butterfly, rose, dragon, flower, snake, lion, skull, and moon. The most searched for styles have been: matching, minimalistic, tribal, and traditional. 

Did you get a tattoo this past year that followed some of the more popular trends? No matter what, getting a tattoo is your choice and your choice alone. You can go along with the latest trend that you see on social media or pick something completely out of left field. Do your research, pick a good artist and shop, and enjoy! Get whatever is going to make your heart happy!   

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