Tattoo Consultations

If you are unsure or need help with the tattoo that you want then a consultation is a good idea. A consultation is a chance to meet a tattoo artist and discuss a design idea in order to create a great tattoo for you. We do have some recommendations before going into a consult.
If you haven’t settled on an artist yet then it would be a good idea to take some time before scheduling. Go through some portfolios and read reviews before you pick an artist at random. You might pick one that doesn’t do the style of tattoo you are envisioning and that can lead to wasted time for you and for them. You can always ask before hand what kind of styles an artist does before you pick them to do your tattoo.
After you have picked an artist that you are interested in you are going to want to go into that consultation with a few things prepared. The main components that you should be decided on are as follows. What is the general theme or idea for your tattoo? Are you wanting this tattoo in black and grey, or color? Where on your body are you wanting to have this tattoo? What size are you looking for? You don’t have to have all the details in place, in fact it might be a good idea to leave some of the details up to the advice of your artist. But going into a consultation it is good to have an overall vision of what you are expecting to get out of this tattoo.
Once you have scheduled it is definitely important to show up on time to that appointment. First impressions matter and you don’t want to waste your time and your artists time. At Lucky Bamboo Tattoo our consultation times are only 30 minutes and you want to be able to maximize your time with the artist to design your tattoo.
During the consultation it is important also to listen to the advice that your artist gives you. When you allow creative freedom you might find that they can design something better than you ever thought of. Trust your artist if they tell you that maybe the ideas that you have won’t work. They want you to have the best tattoo possible. Ask questions and raise concerns during this time so you can leave the appointment feeling confident and secure that you will be getting the tattoo that you want. 
Keep in mind that some tattoos don’t necessarily require a consultation. If it is a simple design or you have a very specific idea that is clear to an artist you can potentially skip the consultation and directly schedule your appointment. But if you have questions and would feel more comfortable with talking to an artist before you schedule an appointment, call the shop and schedule a consultation. 

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