Tattoo Artists and their Art

There are thousands of tattoo artists around the world. Some have been doing it for decades, some are just starting. Let’s face a fact, though, not all of them are artists.

Don’t get me wrong, just because they don’t create the art themselves, doesn’t mean they aren’t talented at applying tattoos. But, it’s just not the same experience for a client. A true tattoo artist will create something unique for each client, so that they are the sole person to have that tattoo and generally won’t repeat a design unless it’s going onto the same group booked, like friends, or family as an example.

There are many things that a non-artist Tattooer possibly won’t consider; color theory, contrast, flow & fit, composition, positive/negative relationships, etc. The list goes on with what any good artist should be considering when creating and or applying a tattoo. This is why an art background and an extensive internship are crucial to able to create a real work of art.

As a client, is it really worth getting a cookie-cutter tattoo that hundreds, if not thousands, of people already have just to save a small amount of money? Or would you rather spend just a little more to have a unique piece of art, created just for you, that will be on your body forever? I know what my answer is, and yes, it is most definitely worth the money to get something designed solely for me. No contest.

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo ONLY has real artists. Can they just copy something someone has already done? Of course. But why would you want that? Let the artist be an artist, and a guarantee your tattoo will come out even better.

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