Tattoo Acceptance in Society

Jared Preslar

It seems just yesterday that society viewed people with tattoos as criminals or lower-class citizens (even though this sentiment was not expressed on our soldiers and sailors). 

If you had visible tattoos, there were many jobs you had no chance of getting. Teacher, politician, police officer, customer service, concierge, and so on. It limited the hiring talent pool all based off a prejudice. As society progresses, it’s starting to realize that squeaky-clean does not equate to morality, intelligence or work ethic. People are realizing that having tattoos doesn’t determine the skills or value of a person. 

Today, it’s quite common to see people of all professions with a visible tattoo. From Teachers, to doctors, to CEO’s and so forth. A very large percentage of society is becoming more accustomed and accepting of tattoos and removing the stigma of the notions of the past.

Even though the landscape is changing, there still has an underlying prejudice from some elements in today’s world. And yes, even today, life can still be quite harsh for many people. Regardless, we must move forward as a society, and shed our pointless predispositions based off a false sense of belief or entitlement. 

Rebels change the world. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. There is a higher percentage of people in society today that have at least one tattoo, than people that have none. It’s a great step forward for the creative minded, and no longer have to fear being denied opportunity because they have tattoos.

Show your tattoos proudly and boldly. You know who you are, you literally express it on your body. 

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