Stop! In The Name of Love


Like tattoos, love can be tricky, especially if you’re looking to get a tattoo out of love. Not all tattoos based off this emotion are bad, and not all are good. It all comes down to exactly what kind of love we’re talking about, and what the tattoo is of and what it represents. We’ll break down a few kinds of tattoos, and whether they’re good, bad, or just odd.


Some tattoos based off of this powerful emotion are simply bizarre. An example of this is there is an actual guy out there that has tons of Miley Cyrus tattoos. Her name is tattooed multiple times, her portrait multiple times, lyrics, etc. If it relates to Miley Cyrus, this guy has a tattoo of it. That’s just weird. It’s one thing to get tattoos of a celebrity or band that you enjoy, but to get so many like that guy has, it’s downright stalker behavior and rather creepy. Don’t be like that guy.

In a similar fashion, getting the name or image of a person that isn’t famous and that you may or may not know personally and have never had a relationship with, is also really bizarre. It actually happens. Or getting a similar tattoo of a former relationship partner, is also weird. It’s obsessive.

Object love. Let’s say you really love food, like, REALLY love food, and you get a whole bunch of tattoos of food, that is very strange. However, if you are a chef and you get a few of your favorite ingredients tattooed on you, not so weird. It breaks down to quantity at this point. 3-5 food tattoos for a chef, normal. 20-30 food tattoos, bizarre. Go for quality over quantity. A really great tattoo of a tomato could be a fun thing to get.

Political figure tattoos are also plain bizarre. It doesn’t matter what part of the political spectrum you fall into, getting a portrait of a living politician, or their logo, is strange. Sure, you may love them now, but who knows what will happen in the future.


There are definitely bad tattoo ideas regarding love. First and foremost, the name of a new love interest, or worse, their portrait. Until you know for certain you are with ‘the one’, and we don’t mean Keanu, hold off on one of these notoriously covered up tattoos. This can also be said of wedding ring tattoos. Be patient and make sure.

The love of hate, meaning, getting tattoos based off of your hate for another group of people. Not one group is exempt from this. Any tattoo based off of your love of hate is simply a terrible idea. Many people have a change of heart over time, and you don’t need that reminder of your regrettable past haunting you every time you see it.


Now, like we previously mentioned, there are definitely some great tattoo reasons for love. One fantastic reason is how much you care for your children. Getting tattoos in relation to your kids can be done in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular designs are getting their birth flowers, their names, their favorite animals, a favorite toy, and even a replication of a drawing they did themself.

Family is also a great subject, besides your children, to get a tattoo out of love. It could be for your longtime spouse, your grandparents, siblings, etc. It’s unlikely any of these will be a tattoo you’ll regret. If you’ve been happily married for 20 years, it’s a safe bet getting a tattoo in honor of that person will be fine.

Love of a pet is another great example of a positive reason to get a tattoo. You’ll always love your pet. It doesn’t matter if it’s cute and furry, scaly, or creepy crawly, you will always love that little critter.

A memorial tattoo is possibly the ultimate example of a tattoo out of love. Whether for a human or an animal, a memorial tattoo will never be something you wished you never did. We, in the tattoo industry, see quite a few memorial tattoos, and the client is always happy with it unless the artist did it poorly. Fortunately, most real tattoo artists understand the importance of this tattoo, and take it very seriously to do well.


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