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Stigma-What Your Tattoos Say About You


There can be some stigma attached to hand tattoos.

Our tattoos tell a story, whether we mean them to or not. The stigma behind tattoos in the past wasn’t always viewed favorably in Western society. In other cultures, tattoos had a meaning and often had stature amongst their people. Things have changed greatly, for the most part, in Western culture. It doesn’t automatically make you a criminal, rebel or low class these days.

Although most tattoos are becoming more acceptable in today’s world, there is still some stigma attached to face, neck and hand tattoos. Some employers won’t even consider some people with these tattoos, especially face and neck. Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting these, or any tattoos, people still judge you for it. If you are fortunate enough that you work in a more accepting industry, and expect to be there until the end, then you really have nothing to worry about except those prudish enough in every day life to cast their judgement for you simply expressing yourself in a way that you want to.

Judgement, unfortunately, is a part of our world. However, more and more employers are opening up their eyes to the fact that they are passing on very qualified candidates over something as simple as a tattoo. Quite a few businesses stray away of hiring someone with face or neck tattoos for certain positions, most often having to do with direct customer service and interaction; thinking that it’s a reflection on their business, which in some cases, can be perceived as true.

There is hope, however. You find people in more professional job settings, like banks (for example), and see people with facial piercings. It’s usually quite subtle, but they’re there. The sooner the people in “the Land of the Free” get over their personal prejudices about the creative choices of others, the better off our society will be. What you do to your own body is nobody else’s business, and you should not be judged nor denied opportunity for those choices.

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