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Spring Into Summer With A Fresh Tattoo!

Tattoos fade over time. It’s just a simple fact. You can prolong it with how well you take care of your skin and how often the tattoo is exposed to the sun. Even regional environments can affect your tattoo.

Fortunately, your local tattoo artist (and I do mean artist in the very meaning of the word) can come to the rescue and freshen up that tattoo that you have loved for so many years. Are your black/grey tattoos now just grey/grey? Is your red now pink? Did your blue turn green? What you need is a touch-up!

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo has time available NOW so that your tattoos are fresh and healed just in time for the summer months! April and May are an ideal time to get a touch-up or even a brand new tattoo so that it’s ready to show off in the pool, at the beach, or wherever this summer! We have a few artists that have some available time during the last part of April and in May, but these book really fast and the space is limited. Contact us through the website or call us at 1-801-497-9700.

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