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Small Tattoos- Are they worth it?

The trend of tiny tattoos has become pretty popular over the last couple of years with a surge of posts on social media. The popularity also comes with the concept that a tiny tattoo is small and easy to hide if wanted/needed. Small tattoos are great because they can easily be done almost anywhere on the body. They also have a delicate look for some is desirable. But are they worth it?

Some things to consider about small, tiny tattoos is that while they can be placed almost anywhere on your there are some areas that are better to avoid. Fingers, palms, and the bottoms of feet are areas that are always problematic to one degree or another. Some areas that are good for small tattoos are lower forearms and wrists, inner biceps, collars bones, lower legs and ankles. These are all spots that are great for small tattoos since the skin is less prone to fading and the spot can compliment small designs. 

The next thing to consider is the amount of detail you will or will not be able to put into a small tattoo. With complex designs on smaller tattoos the design can look muddy or simply be too big to fit into the size of the tattoo. Fine simple lines are usually the best option to go for when looking for a small tattoo. 

Next consideration is time and cost. Here at Lucky Bamboo tattoo the shop minimum is going to be an hour at each artists different prices. Even if the tattoo takes 10 minutes to finish, you have to factor in the set up and cleanup. In order to make it worth your time and the artist’s time consider a few small tattoos that can be done easily at the same time. 

Finally the last thing to consider will be the maintenance on your tiny tattoo. Most small tattoos will not last as long as bigger bolder pieces because of the delicateness of the tattoo. You will need to factor in touch ups for your tattoo in order to keep it looking sharp and not fading away with time.

All things considered tiny tattoos seem to be a popular choice, but are they a popular choice for you?

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