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Simple Ways to Maximize Your Tattoo Appointment

Here are a few simple ways to maximize your tattoo appointment. The first, show up a little early. An extra five to ten minutes will allow you to complete your consent to tattoo paperwork with a moment to rest and mentally prepare for your appointment. Mental preparation not only benefits you but also your artist. The beginning of pain management starts at the mental level. If you are expecting a tattoo to hurt, you are setting yourself up for flinching and tensing.  Say you’re very excited, almost anxious, when you finally have a seat in the tattooing chair, you may unknowingly fidget causing your artist to have to start and stop. Maybe you don’t realize you’re fidgeting but you are moving to grab your phone, to take pictures, or to text. These pauses, although brief, add up over time. Let’s say, you just realized, you’ve got to head to the bathroom and it can’t wait, you are more than welcome to visit the restroom, but maybe taking care of that ahead of time would be the better option. Another thing to consider is the time spent, taking smoke breaks. These add up. Now all of these suggestions seem quite simple. But if we all work together we can provide the best experience not only for you but for your artist as well.


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