Simple Vs Elaborate Tattoos


A simple chili pepper tattoo by Leah
A Simple Tattoo by Leah….
An elaborate viper fish tattoo by Leah
….vs An Elaborate Tattoo by Leah

Some people like simple tattoos. Some prefer something a bit more detailed. Others, they want all out elaborate. Each style and type has their definitive place in the tattoo world. Not only do clients have their preferences, but so do many artists. Some love to pour themselves all into a knockout crazy detailed piece, while others really enjoy doing simple and minimalistic tattoos.

There is no real wrong way or right way when it comes to a persons taste in tattoo design and style. Although many would argue against it, “Ignorant” style of tattoos are just as valid as ultra photo-realism. Clearly one takes significantly more talent than the other, but that doesn’t mean the simple, purposely bad tattoos from the “Ignorant” style have no place. Their quirky ‘badness’ is what makes them good.

A simple, but well done tattoo can be a refreshing change for an artist that usually spends 6 hours a day on the same client. Sometimes, those little beautifully executed 1 or 2 hour tattoos are just what they need. However, some artists completely prefer the big all day jobs exclusively. Understandably, if you have the set up and break down 5 times in a single day, it can be a bit daunting, especially if your studio has the cleanliness standards of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo.

It also breaks down to preparation time. A well thought out elaborate piece can take an artist many hours to plan and draw out. Sometimes they may tweak their design as they go so that the outcome exceeds their clients expectations. For a simple design, it may take an artist an hour or even less to create, depending on what is being asked for.

One major difference comes down to pride. How proud an artist is of a piece they’ve completed. This is one of the reasons not too many artists feature very simple tattoos they’ve done in their portfolio. You will rarely see basic black ring finger tattoos in an artists work profile. It’s not really anything to brag about. Most portfolios will feature much more detailed examples of their work, with maybe just a few of the more impressive simple tattoos they’ve done.

This isn’t to suggest that an artist shouldn’t be proud of the simple tattoos. Sometimes less is more. It can be quite impressive to take an elaborate idea and break it down to its core to make a minimalistic version of that idea. It all depends on how well it was executed by the artist.

However, still, it’s really hard to compare a beautifully well done tiny bee to a photo-realistic recreation of a marble Roman statue figure. There is not question in anyones mind which tattoo is categorically better on nearly all metrics. With that said, a life-size photo-realistic 3 dimensional bee does look pretty amazing if done by the right artist.


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