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Full Sleeve Tattoos

Starting a sleeve is a serious adventure. Finding the right artist who can mirror your imagination is key to creating a successful sleeve. Once you plan the time to sit down and discuss your ideas, the next thing you need to realize is how much money will be involved. A good artist will spend quality time on your tattoos to ensure each piece of your sleeve matches perfectly, line by line.

When you commit to an artist, every detail matters. If they request a lot of hours to complete your tattoo, please be patient. Don’t expect to finish a huge tattoo or a series of them in just one sitting. Setting your expectations at a rate that matches your artists capabilities will make the entire process much smoother.

As far as the design element, start with the top of the body you are wanting tattooed, i.e., the shoulder or the hip. Imagine how the design will flow down and around in a way that makes sense artistically as well as sensibly.  If your design involves a skull or a ship, allow for the artist to take full artistic freedom when creating lines that flow with the shape of your body instead of how you might have envisioned it your mind; after all, they are the expert, right?

Proper healing and care during your sessions will help maintain the integrity of your tattoos. Listen to the advice given to by your artist and read through any material they may hand you at the end of your sessions. Not taking their advice, will risk ruining all of the hard work they just put into your tattoos and you will probably end up spending more hours and money touching up areas before the artist can even move on to the next phase of your sleeve.

So now that you are fully prepared to get your sleeve, let the adventure begin, Click here to inquire!

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