Season For New Tattoos 2023


When is comes to tattooing, does the season you get it matter? Some would say yes, some would say no. In reality, it all breaks down to your personal habits and plans. Various climate effects can change the way your tattoo reacts and heals. Activities in both the cooler and warmer months can also be a factor. We all enjoy doing things with our free time, regardless of the season.

Some of us are outdoorsmen, some of us are gamers, but all of us like to have fun!


The season of spring is beautifully represented in this hummingbird tattoo by Leah.
Hummingbird and Flowers by Leah

During the warmer months, the sun becomes a bigger factor in the way your tattoo heals. Once healed, direct sunlight over time may haste fading in a tattoo, and it’s recommended to use tattoo friendly sunblock. If you are still in the healing process, excessive sweating can affect how your tattoo heals.

Most people like to do outdoor activities, such as biking, swimming, camping, hiking and so on. If you are still healing, it’s advised to avoid doing anything that would cause you to sweat more than normal or anything that could potentially make you fall or something else that may damage the healing tattoo. Swimming is definitely not recommended while you are healing. Once fully healed, all these activities are fine.

During summer, this is the most often time people take a vacation. Not all, but most. This ties up quite a bit of your time, and people don’t like to have any of their plans hindered by having to follow tattoo healing guidelines. It also ties up quite a bit of your disposable income.

When you are doing outdoor activities, make sure you wear loose fitting clothing, nothing that will rub up against your healing tattoo. No spandex. A leisurely hike to go out and enjoy the mountains and wilderness is a great activity that won’t cause you to sweat too much but still gets you in touch with your instincts to explore nature and enjoy the warmer season.


The season of fall is beautifully represented with this tattoo of a Death's Head Moth by Christina.
Death’s Head Moth by Christina

When determining the best season for you, some prefer the cooler months. Although activities such as skiing and snowboarding certainly make you sweat more, there’s often more time to get these fun past times on your schedule. So, taking a couple of weeks off of snowy sports is usually not a big deal.

Finances and family time are the bigger factor during the winter time. You have multiple holidays that revolve around being with your loved ones, and especially during the holiday shopping season, quite a bit of that money is pre-planned for use. (To help plan out and budget a tattoo, see our article “How To Save Up For Your Tattoo 101” here https://luckybambootattoo.com/how-to-save-up-for-your-tattoo/)

Just like summertime, you want to avoid any activities during the healing process that will cause you to sweat excessively or to potentially hit, scrape or rub the tattoo. Though tempting it may be, also avoid hot tubs during this time.

The season of winter is a great time to catch up on some of those shows and movies you’ve been meaning to watch. Use your two weeks healing time just chilling and enjoying indoor family (or alone) time.


Whether you want a tattoo in the warmer months or the cooler months, each has its own guidelines, however they are similar. No matter when you get tattooed, try not to sweat too much (which means also taking it easy at the gym) and you don’t want to do any activities that could potentially harm your healing tattoo. Follow these rules, and it really doesn’t matter too much when you get your tattoo. It’s a personal preference!


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