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Sanitation and Safety Prep at Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo tattoo

Is it important for your tattoo studio to have strict sanitation and safety protocols? Of course! Sadly, not every place goes by the same standards. Lucky Bamboo Tattoo adheres to some of the most intensive standards in the industry. Many of our clients comment on how clean our studio is, which begs the question of what other places they’ve been to look like.

After each tattoo, every artist sanitizes down, from all the counter surfaces, their workstation, the chair, their machine, everything. Then, all the same surfaces are covered with barrier film, bedsheets, pillowcases, and so on. Each evening when they are finished for the day, they sanitize everything again, even the floor. It may sound a little redundant, but that’s the point, to ensure cleanliness and safety for both the artist and the client. Nobody wants to give nor receive an infectious tattoo.

All the needles used are individually packaged and sterile. In the event a needle pack gets opened that ends up not being needed, it still gets disposed of in a sharps container, and not saved for later. Everything we use at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo is disposable thus we do not run the risk of an improperly sterilized or cleaned item.

We use “green soap”, disinfectants, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Our “green soap” is mixed from water that has been distilled through a distiller machine we have right here in our studio, and not just water straight from the tap.

Even though tattoo ink isn’t regulated in the USA, our studio artists only used EU regulated inks to ensure cleanliness and quality.

Each artist uses an average of $60 in prep materials for each client set-up, which is greatly attributed to sanitation and safety. They also maintain current First Aid, CPR and Blood-borne Pathogens certifications, and renew them every year.

Clients should take these things into consideration when they are choosing a tattoo studio for the first time. An infected tattoo could turn out to be a nightmare. Not just for health reasons, but for the quality of the tattoo post infection healing.

Book with confidence at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo knowing for certain that we take sanitation and safety very very seriously.

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