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Proceed With Caution

The sad truth is that loads of companies are trying to sell you poison. They focus on their marketing and trickery rather than using those efforts on creating a decent product. I’m referring to tattoo ointments of course. Companies realized there was a massive untapped market of people who are passionate about tattoos. As tattooing becomes more and more mainstream, that market continues to grow. We see loads of new products on the shelves. The claims they make are bold yet promising. Brighten your colorful tattoos, darken your blacks. Ultimate moisture. Your skin will love you for it. Lies. 

There are approximately 84 different products manufactured by 52 different brands marketed specifically for “tattoo aftercare”. Fifty percent of those products have used the claim/description “natural ingredients”. The simplest formulation includes 4 ingredients and on average, each product had about 28 different ingredients. And out of all the products combined, there are a total of 369 ingredients listed, most of those being both preservatives and fragrances. How is anyone to keep track of all the possible allergens and irritants?!

We are seeing an increase of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). This can take place as soon as a new tattoo product is applied. Our Aftercare instructions are pretty straight forward, and we see a nearly perfect rate of successful and healthy healing. But what is happening, although not very common, is this; you’ve taken off your final bandage and your tattoo is beautiful and fully healed but may require some moisturizer. You shop on amazon or your local stores and find a product “developed” for tattoo aftercare. You have an inherent trust for what is being advertised and you give it a try.  The new product makes its way into your skin, into your pores, and it doesn’t get absorbed (likely due to the poor ingredients). It’s now stuck in your hair follicles causing irritation. This can develop in the form of tiny red dots or rashing, it can be itchy or feel like it’s burning, it can cause some drying and further irritation. Not only to your tattoo, but to your non-tattooed skin as well. This is common when introducing a new product but can also happen with a product you have been using for years. 

As always, do as much research as you can, because we know false information has been rebranded as marketing. Seek advice from your professional tattoo artist. And if you are experiencing an adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately. We have your best interest at heart and are here to help.

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