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Planning Out Your NEW Tattoo In 2023


When planning a tattoo, our artists are here to help!

Whether it’s your first tattoo, or fresh ink to go along with the collection, planning out your tattoo is a good idea. You don’t want to get something you’ll regret later on down the road. If you have a general idea of what you want, but aren’t completely clear, you can book a consultation with an artist so that they can help you map out what you are imagining.

Having a very strict, set in stone idea can also be a bad thing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a good base for an idea, but don’t hinder your artists’ creativity by being stubborn. Your artist will do their best work if you allow them to be creative with your concept.

A general idea is always the best way to go unless it’s a very specific design that wouldn’t be recognized otherwise. For example, maybe you want the Star Wars Rebel emblem. It’s a very specific design. However, you could take it to a new level. Perhaps, instead of the typical look, make it watercolor. Or, maybe the outline of the emblem, but fill it in with some other Star Wars iconic imagery. Take a look online at the typical Harry Potter Deathly Hollows design. People have gotten very creative with that in tattoos.

If you are getting your first tattoo, think ahead at the future. If you are planning on getting more tattoos, it might be a good idea to mentally map out what future tattoos you are going to get. Maybe your first tattoo is a shoulder piece, let’s say of a realistic wolf. Down the road, adding more nature scenery and other animals to help the tattoo flow and have a thought out theme might be a good idea.

Although some people truly enjoy chaotic tattoos, having absolutely no theme or having nothing to do with each other, most people like to have a good flow or overall design. That’s not to say that chaos doesn’t have a place, because it certainly does.

If you are now planning out your next tattoo, think about what you already have and if you’d like your future tattoo to blend with the concept. What do you want your tattoo to say about YOU? Again, if you are unsure, or are fresh out of ideas, a good tattoo artist can most definitely help you plan it out. Sometimes having a second set of eyes on something will help you see things differently.

Whether you’re new to the world of tattoos, or an seasoned expert, it’s always good to have a solid plan for your next tattoo!

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