Plan Ahead for Spring!

As the snow begins to melt, we start to think about the warmer months right around the corner. Some individuals love spending summers outdoors, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, etc. Now you’ll want to make sure to keep your new tattoo out of the sun, especially while healing. If you know you’re wanting to spend time outdoors, or swimming with your family, it may be a good idea to plan ahead for your next tattoo. Here at Lucky Bamboo we can help you do that. Once you’re ready to book, we can book your appointments even months in advance. Something else to keep in mind, if you are booking ahead,  the artist may have a wider availability and be able to offer the most convenient times for you. We can also help you plan a surprise gift for you loved on, or book someone for their 18th birthday, as we do not tattoo minors.

So take a look at your schedules and see if now is the right time to book for your future.

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