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Picking The Right Shop And Artist For Your Tattoo. Why Some Artists and Shops Are More Expensive Than Others

 In this day and age it seems like the price of everything is rising and it is sometimes hard to determine who is being legitimate and who is simply trying to gouge their customers. Tattoos can be expensive but, you get what you are paying for in the world of tattoos and when you’re making a permanent addition to your body, it is important to have all of the facts. Often times we hear of people who are price shopping for their tattoos, looking for the cheapest artist and this can lead to problems as there are a variety of reasons that an artist or shop may charge more than some of their competitors. 

Tattoo artist typically charge by the hour and everyone’s rate is different. Those that have lower hourly rates also typically have much less experience. Those with higher rates have likely been in the business for an extended period of time. Many artists whom charge more spent a large number of years apprenticing, learning different and intricate techniques and styles, and honing in their skills where as someone with a lower rate may have not completed an apprenticeship at all. Artists with a higher hourly rate often times have a formal art education and a long background and history of art training whereas someone with a lower rate may have artistic skill but, they may not have all the necessary training to make their art crisp and unique and the best it can be. Artists that charge more are often capable of drawing and creating their own unique creations while someone who has less experience might only be capable of tracing and recreating the work of others. In addition, some styles of tattoos require special expertise and skill that may be rare even amongst artists. An example of this is portraits. It is very difficult to recreate a realistic replica of a photo and it is common to see people agree to get these types of tattoos from less experienced artists because they charge less and immediately regret it after they see that their new ink doesn’t really resemble the picture of their beautiful infant they brought in as a reference. It then can cost the customer a lot more money in the long run when the tattoo needs to be fixed and redone by a more skilled artist. It is a safe statement to say that an artist’s hourly rate directly correlates with their experience, skill, and popularity. These artists often have a strong reputation both amongst other artist and consumers. 

So what do you do if you really want to get that tattoo that you’ve had on your mind  but you don’t have the money for? Certainly don’t settle for an artist that will not be able to provide you with the end result you want simply because the tattoo will be more affordable. One option that we have for our clients is the ability to place money on their account to save up for later. This allows the customer to get the piece they want, done correctly, and if it is a big piece then the artist and customer may be able to start on sections of it. 

In the end it is best to be patient and take the time to find the artist that fits your needs and to be aware that a higher price per hour is really only ensuring that you get exactly what you want and and you get it done safely. 


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