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Our Artists Strive for Excellence

Our Artists Strive for Excellence


There are a lot of options out there when it come to tattoo shops. Some of us visit a few and choose our artist based on not only artwork but on personality. The type of artist I wish to work with are those who strive for excellence. There are core characteristics to seek out and some to avoid.


Find someone who knows their strengths. They have established their preferred style and encourage clients to allow them to shine. They have pride in their work and put the same amount of effort into every piece no matter how simple or how complicated. They seek advice from their peers and mentors and accept constructive criticism as a tool for growth. They practice gratitude for their clients and the opportunities they are given. Even appreciating the tough or unpredictable moments. They show compassion to others. Taking the time to listen to their clients and apply those elements discussed into their drawings. They honor the wishes of their clients and honor the agreement to perform. They choose to excel no matter the complexity or level of difficulty. They step outside of their comfort zone and explore new creative opportunities. They fill their environment with encouragement and positivity. They build trusted connections with their clients and nurture those relationships and those to come. They embrace their authenticity and are so honestly themselves. This is the type of artist that stands above the rest.

There are plenty of individuals who are content with mediocrity, and it shows in their artwork and performance. They are comfortable with stealing/replicating artwork. They will re-use the same drawing client after client. They do not hold themselves accountable, and do not value your time. Keep an eye out for negative habits as it will yield negative results.

Here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo, our staff strive for excellence from the front staff to the artists, all the way up to the owner. We all approach our careers with passion and enthusiasm.  Our positive energy is not only inspirational but infectious.

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