Memorial Tattoos

When someone we love dies the pain and sadness can be overwhelming. Grief is a complex response to a loss that has many dimensions. There are many different ways to express and work through grief. One of the ways to handle the grief, and for remembrance, is to get a memorial tattoo for a loved one. A memorial tattoo is a form of body art that commemorates someone that has passed on. There are many different reasons to get a memorial tattoo along with many different ways to showcase that individual. 

For some people a memorial tattoo is a measure of control in response to an uncontrollable situation. It allows them to choose the imagery and placement. It can become a way to cope with the fact of losing someone. 

For others a memorial tattoo is a way to keep the deceased individual alive in a sense. It can create an ever present connection to that individual. It also allows for a permanent memorial that can never be left behind. 

Some people get a memorial tattoo to reflect their experience with the grief and pain. They have used the tattoo as a way to express those emotions and be able to process the loss. 

There are many different ways to design a memorial tattoo. The design can reflect the persons life, their death, express grief, and can also be an expression of what that individual meant to you. This can include things such as names, dates, hearts, crosses, wings, anchors, portraits, florals, and everything in between. The design that you choose can be something very simple and delicate or elaborate and detailed. You can choose to do the tattoo small and hidden away, or on display for all to see. The choice is completely up to you. Memorial tattoos are one of the most personal kind of tattoo. They will carry a deep emotional meaning for you, and as such only you will be able to design the tattoo to reflect your loss and remembrance. 

Memorial tattoos

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