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Meaning Behind Geometric Tattoos

There are constantly new tattoos popping up and there is definitely a trend with geometric tattoos. Bold shapes and linear designs always make for such cool body artwork as well as they are striking and symbolic. The finely-drawn ink often utilizes a series of shapes, lines, and dots to add a modern appeal to everyday objects, animals, and overall ideas. When it comes to cracking the geometric tattoo meaning, in most cases, they were tied to spiritual and religious practices in ancient times. However, in today’s world they symbolize balance, symmetry, stability, intelligence, mystery, and much more.

In some cultures it is believed that these tattoos, when worn on certain parts of the body can heal, restore health, and provide balance. Since there is no strict pattern for artists to follow, tattoo artists usually have creative free range to interpret geometric designs as they see fit. Contrary to a popular belief, sacred geometric tattoos are not attached to any belief system if you don’t want them to be. Most tattoos of this type are complex, original designs that incorporate shapes, dots, and shading in order to come out with an intricate and interesting patterns.

While some artists look to M.C. Escher, an early 20th Century graphic artist for inspiration, others gain inspiration from mandalas and unusual geometric designs that present themselves in nature or in other forms of artwork. No matter the design, symmetry is a large part of geometric tattoos. Majority of clients who regularly get these tattoos do so because they feel a strong personal and spiritual connection with the artwork and it’s aesthetic. In fact, some feel that people with geometric tattoos have a profound respect for shapes, designs and how their intricacies work together to make the world a unique and interesting place.

Even though these designs are trendy for the time being, tattoo artists caution that people who desire geometric tattoos should do their homework and have a strong idea of what it is they want and why.

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