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Matching Tattoos-Who They’re For!

The artists here at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo don’t generally like to repeat a tattoo design, or copy the design of someone else. It takes away from the artistic aspect of having something unique. However, there is a very valid exception, people that book with the studio to get matching tattoos.

There are a lot of people out there that either have, or are planning to get, a matching tattoo with someone they care about. Spouses, siblings, friends are just some of the candidates that could warrant getting something identical. It’s most common amongst siblings and people who have been friends for a very long time.

Just because you want a matching tattoo, that doesn’t mean they have to literally match. They can be complimentary, similar or polar opposites, like the Ying-Yang design. A good way to look at it is can a connection be made based off the two or more images? Obviously, identical tattoos clearly connect, but what about the other categories? Similar can be, for example, two or more people getting a flower on their inner right forearm, but each person getting a different flower. Complimentary could be one person gets Mario on their left shoulder, while their friend gets Luigi. And opposites could be one person could get an angel on their shoulder while the other person gets a devil.

There are endless possibilities to what can be created for you based off your ideas for “matching” tattoos.

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