Managing Tattoo Expectations

When you think about the tattoo that you want maybe you have a very specific idea in mind. Translating that into the tattoo that you end up with sometimes comes with some high expectations. In order to manage those expectations and love the piece that you walk away with it is important to keep a few things in mind.

The first thing to keep in mind is to remember that a good tattoo artist is indeed an artist. Each artist can have different styles, tastes, and skills. They are professionals and highly skilled at what they are doing. You can trust that they want to do their best to make you happy and have a tattoo that you will love. One of the most important things to remember is to pick an artist that meets your ideas in term of style. You don’t want to pick an artist that doesn’t do photo realism and then expect that from that artist. Look through their profiles and research if you like the overall work that they can create. Most tattoo artists do not want to copy and paste an image onto your body. They will want to create a custom tattoo that will be unique to you. If you are wanting an exact copy of something you can expect an artist to say no to you or steer you towards something else that they can place their own spin on.

In order to meet what you are thinking of in your head and the final product, a consultation is the best way to start. This is a time that you can discuss ideas of what you are thinking as clearly and concisely as possible. It could be a good idea to include some references. Don’t go overboard, it is best to give ideas such as a particular style that you like or imagery that could be incorporated. This allows the artist to create the best tattoo possible.

At the time of your appointment the artist will show you the design they have come up with and the placement. The whole goal is to over deliver for what the client wants, that’s the entire reason for a consultation. After your appointment you are going to want to follow your artists care directions in order to have your tattoo heal properly and look as intended. 

Overall to make your tattoo be the best that you can get is to do your research, give ideas, and to fully trust that your artist is going to make you happy! 

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