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Lucky Bamboo Tattoo Welcomes Tyler Bloomingdale

San Diego native Tyler Bloomingdale started his career in Tattooing while working as  screen printer late in 2002. With a strong understanding in Digital Design and a close friend working as a body artist it was nearly unavoidable he would try his hand as a body artist as well. Within a few short years he attended Grossmont College where he received his Art Degree while holding a job Tattooing full time. In his career he has done everything from being a tattoo shop owner and shop consultant to traveling the nation seeking understanding of the styles that different areas provide. Always seeking knowledge and mastering his craft. Tyler considers himself a student to art as a whole and stays open to the belief that even a child can have artistic wisdom to teach. From the beauty and romantic stylings of Japanese Tattooing to the tired and true traditions of the Americas.Tyler has his own twist and flare that makes his style it’s very own. Whether it is color or black work you are seeking he is always looking for the next challenge and is interested in the people he is working with to portray his artistic stance. A favorite quote, “I am only as good as my last tattoo”, exhibits his humble nature and in his hopes expresses his hunger for knowledge, truth and a place amongst the greats this industry has provided.

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