Looking For A Full Time Artist!


Lucky Bamboo Tattoo has an opening for a new full time artist! Are you currently in a studio you’re just not happy with? Looking for change? Looking for an established tattoo studio with a long-standing good reputation in the SLC area? Lucky Bamboo Tattoo can be your new home!


Lucky Bamboo Tattoo offers many benefits to a tattoo artist.

  • A long and respectable reputation of quality work for over 16 years.
  • We have been featured in national and international publications.
  • A structured way of doing things.
  • Each artist has their own private room.
  • An established loyal customer base.
  • A constant stream of referrals and inquiries from new clients.
  • An active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, Pinterest, and Blogger.
  • A well designed app for our clients to use for many benefits, including an appointment calendar, push notifications for sudden openings, promotions, a gallery, and so on.
  • A front end studio associate and studio manager to oversee all operations of the studio so that artists can put all their energy and concentration into their art.
  • A great location downtown Layton with plenty of parking.
  • A drama-free workplace where the whole of the studio gets along.
  • Basic setup/breakdown materials like gloves, ink caps, drapes, balm, alcohol, green soap, etc are provided (personal materials, such as inks, needle cartridges, aftercare, etc are not.)


There are some criteria we are looking for in any artist candidate we consider.

  • Experience in tattooing in a studio/shop environment.
  • Someone with their own quality equipment, such as a good machine, quality needle cartridges, high end EU regulated inks, etc.
  • Drama-free personality, and easy to get along with.
  • A comprehensive portfolio to show completed tattoos and drawn up art.
  • 100% sober during work hours.
  • Ability and willingness to adapt to the studios policies and procedures.
  • Have a current Bloodborne Pathogens Certification, First Aid/CPR certification.
  • A background in art education is desired but not required.
  • Someone that has gone through an apprenticeship is desired.

To apply, visit the studio in person Tuesday-Saturday between 10am-6pm. You can also submit your application by clicking the button below.

Visit our Instagram to see examples of the level of quality we come to expect from any artist that tattoos out of Lucky Bamboo Tattoo!

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