It’s A Cover-Up!!

Cover-up/Rework by Tawni

Did you get a tattoo in your cousin’s basement years ago of a flower, and now it looks more like a grayish blob? Regret that “Spicegirls4Eva” lower back tattoo? Is “Everclear” prominently displayed on your forearm? Do you have your ex’s face on your chest, staring back at your new romantic interests face? You may want a cover-up (and in some cases, FAST)!

Many of us have regrettable tattoos. A youthful mistake letting your buddy practice on you. An exe’s name. A band you no longer like. Sometimes you are just sick and bored of that tattoo you have. Or perhaps, you just want an old tattoo reworked to look better. It happens.

You don’t have to continue living with a tattoo mistake. Instead of buying the newest gadget the second it comes out, treat yourself to a cover-up!

Many talented artists can cover-up even the most difficult tattoos. It just takes talent. The good news, all of the artists at Lucky Bamboo have this talent. They’ve all done many cover-ups with fantastic results. We’ll be featuring examples throughout the week from different artists and let you be the judge. Their work speaks for itself.

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